Everything parks, recreation and community

Open Space Planning

Open space planning encompasses everything to do with policy for open spaces in our communities including parks and playgrounds...

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We do everything to help create safe, sustainable trails that allow people to enjoy the outdoors without having an impact on the environment...

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Our award-winning, qualified independent lighting designer provides a wide range of specialist lighting advice to the local government, tourism and port sectors...

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Along with Yardstick, our international benchmarking program for local government, if you need research to make good decisions, we can get it for you...

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From design and planning to maintenance, we can help to ensure people have a great experience when they enjoy your campgrounds and facilities...

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Play Spaces

From redevelopments to new builds, our children need safe, fun play spaces to get them outside for fresh air and exercise...

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Asset Management

Having accurate information about assets allows you to make practical, workable decisions about maintaining and developing community spaces...

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Service Delivery

From procuring and managing contractors to the practical implementation of strategic work, we can help you to deliver services efficiently...

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Amenities & Facilities

Good quality, safe and well-maintained public toilets are essential for the convenience and comfort of people using our public spaces...

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Sport & Recreation Planning

From feasibility studies to project managing construction, we create functional, safe and vibrant facilities that cater for people’s needs...

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With the growing demand for land and space, we can provide you with efficient strategies and solutions for managing cemeteries...

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Project Management

We specialise in providing specialist project management skills for parks, recreation and community projects...

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The management of trees and the urban forest is vital to mitigating the effects of climate change and to the health and wellbeing of communities...

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Landscape Architecture

We all have access to public parks and open spaces. Landscape Architecture helps ensure they're safe, accessible and easy to maintain...

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Our company exists to create superior parks, public open spaces and sports facilities to improve the health and wellbeing of our communities

We do this by supporting local government and other agencies with sustainable planning and management of parks, open spaces and public facilities to create better towns and cities for people to live and play.

Xyst has offices in New Zealand, Australia and Canada. Our team of highly qualified and experienced consultants is available to provide you with practical, feasible and achievable solutions to deliver projects that meet the needs of your community, support sustainability and minimise the impact on the environment.

Recent Projects

Xyst has extensive experience and expertise across the spectrum of creating, managing and maintaining outdoor spaces. Take a look at some of our projects to find out how we have improved the outdoor spaces in communities throughout New Zealand, Australia and Canada.

Hutt City Council
Xyst worked with Hutt City in the design and procurement of contractors and suppliers for stormwater and recreational improvements on Meadow Bank Reserve in Belmont.
Napier City Council
Xyst worked with Napier City Councils roading, urban placemaking and parks teams, as well as other key stakeholders to develop a concept plan and subsequent physical implementation program for the street network around Carlyle, Thackeray and Faraday Streets to achieve positive tactical urbanism outcomes.
Mackenzie District Council
Project managing the removal of broom and crack willows obstructing the Fraser Stream.
Mackenzie District Council
Xyst project managed the removal of crack willows blocking the outlet creek at Lake Alexandrina.

Our Services

If you need to create, maintain or manage a park, public open space or community facility, we have the expertise and experience to help you achieve it. We can do as much or as little as you need, from full project management through to filling gaps in capacity or capabilities.

Our Team

Our people have a passion for creating outdoor spaces that enhance our communities with healthy, safe and sustainable places for people to exercise, explore and play. We all have experience working in the public sector, so we know how systems work and how to get projects done.

Yardstick is a suite of benchmarking tools that delivers need-to-know information for your business, to inform decision making and improve service delivery. Xyst operates Yardstick with the support of a collaborative partnership of industry organisations. Follow this link to visit the Yardstick website and discover how this program can work for your business.