Eastern Porirua Reserves Spatial Plan

Eastern Porirua is going through a period of change as Kāinga Ora Homes and Communities
(Kāinga Ora) redevelops large areas of its land to meet housing demand and provide better
community services to support growth. As part of this redevelopment the existing reserve network is being examined to determine whether it is fit for purpose and where there are opportunities to improve this through acquisitions, exchange and development.

This Reserves Spatial Plan has been developed to support the Government’s regeneration project and provide guidance on the Council’s decision making around the future reserve network.

The Eastern Porirua Regeneration Project (EPRP) will provide 2,000 new or renewed public homes and 1,500 affordable and market homes. Through social procurement and public investment, the project aims to stimulate economic activity, create employment opportunities and improve well-being in Porirua.

The plan has assessed all existing reserves in Eastern Porirua, identified gaps in provision
based on best practice guidelines and provided recommended actions to make staged improvements to the reserve network in association with the housing redevelopment programme.

Project Benefit

Xyst assessed the existing reserves in Porirua East for their quality and functionality to identify gaps and opportunities to improve open space provision.
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