Minor review of Tapuaeharuru Bay Lakeshore Reserves Management Plan

In 2020 Taupo District Council received a proposal from Taupō Moana Group Holdings Limited (TGMHL) to develop the Hole in One site it occupies on the Taupō lakefront. The application involved further development than what was allowed for under its current operating licence or the operative management plan. Xyst was able to provide advice to Taupo District Council about the options available to them, and the process required for a minor review of the Tapuaeharuru Lakeshore Reserves Management Plan.

Xyst guided TDC staff through the management plan review process to ensure that the correct Reserves Act process was followed and that the outcome (whatever it was) would be defendable.

The management plan was updated in May 2022 to allow for the option of a lease and further development of the existing Hole in One site by TMGHL.

Project Benefit

Xyst provided sound technical, legal and procedural advice on what promised to be a contentious issue affecting a long standing activity in a strategic recreation reserve location on the Taupo Lakefront which enabled TDC to move forward with confidence.
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