Twizel Greenways Tree Planting Plan & Procurement

Ad-hoc plantings through the Twizel Greenways led to issues such as shading of properties, damage to fence lines, and the spread of seedlings. In response, the Mackenzie District Council engaged Xyst to identify and implement a solution.

Our team started by conducting GIS mapping of the existing trees to better understand the area. Additionally, the team took into account soil and environmental conditions, prevailing winds, and individual property requirements. Using this data, we prepared a comprehensive planting plan, identifying suitable locations for new amenity trees and appropriate species for the area. Our team then sourced the selected trees at the appropriate grade to meet budget requirements.

Project Benefit

GIS mapping of existing trees; plan prepared for location and species selection of new tree planting; sourcing of selected trees.
Client organisation
Mackenzie District Council
Tree inventory and condition assessment
Landscape Architecture
Mapping and Geospatial Analysis
Planting and Restoration Plans