Nick Redenbach

Consultant / Auditor

The key parts of my role include auditing parks, asset inspections and usage, assessing residential impact, and community and stakeholder engagement.

There are many complexities to consider while inspecting and auditing assets. The most important is safety. Then we consider cost, usage, residential impacts, practicality and quality. All of these factors need careful examination to develop a balanced solution.

I believe good communication is essential. I make sure every stakeholder has a voice and an opportunity to be involved. This results in better outcomes for all.

Also, the environment and sustainability are a primary concern for the world right now. Encouraging local municipals to make their open spaces a lot more sustainable for generations to come underpins all my work.

My expertise

I’m a qualified horticulturist with vast experience in open spaces working as a supervisor on several large contracts, and as a quality and safety auditor. I’ve also been involved in many large commercial projects, both managing and planning, and predominantly within local municipals.


  • Certificate IV Horticulture
  • Certificate III Bushland Management
  • Certificate III&IV Fitness/Personal Training
  • Medium Rigid/Car License
  • Front End Loader Certificate 
  • Farm Chemical Certificate
  • Weed Management Certificate
  • Traffic Management Certificate 

Xyst in action

Some, seemingly small projects within a community turn out to be challenging from a variety of angles. I was assigned to the job of planning the upgrade of a busy roundabout for a local municipal. In difficult conditions, we chose and installed plants that better suited the native landscape, considering soil conditions, height restrictions, drought hardiness and low maintenance for contractors.

Working with the council and residents, we were able to achieve a great finished product that was high quality, safe, low maintenance and aesthetically pleasing. It is vital that communities get the chance to have their say in important projects. I believe the key to the success of this project was the way we worked with all parties to achieve the best final result for all.


Service Delivery

From procuring and managing contractors to the practical implementation of strategic work, we can help you to deliver services efficiently

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Asset Management

Having accurate information about assets allows you to make practical, workable decisions about maintaining and developing community spaces

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My Projects

Parks Operational Review

After consulting with Maribyrnong City Council’s management and operational staff, the Xyst team identified areas for improvement and operational excellence. Xyst conducted an audit of

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